UNCW Talent Advisory Boards

In January 2017, Employee Leadership, Learning and Engagement team launched three pilot Talent Advisory Boards (TABs). Each TAB comprises 2-4 board members and 10-14 committee members. Joining a TAB is an 18-month commitment, during which board and committee members develop departmental initiatives to engage, develop, and recognize their peers. The departments/areas participating in the 2017-2018 pilot Talent Advisory Boards are:

  • UNCW Administrative Professionals
  • Budget & Financial Analytics
  • Information Technology Services

These three pilot Talent Advisory Boards will serve as the models for future expansion of the TAB program across campus. If you think your department may be interested in establishing a Talent Advisory Board, please email Molly Nece at Your department must have the support of your AVC, VC, or Dean in order to establish a TAB through our office.

What is a Talent Advisory Board?

A Talent Advisory Board takes the traditional concept of a professional development committee to a new, more robust and engaging level. Each TAB is made up of employees from that particular area with a passion for engaging and developing the talent of those in your department. After the application process (January of each year), each TAB member is placed in one of four committees, each with a specialized focus area. During their 18-month tenure, TAB members are charged with developing and implementing initiatives that increase employee engagement, offer relevant and exciting development opportunities, and recognize and retain staff in their respective areas. 

Who should apply to be TAB Captain?

If you are a full-time employee interested in growing your leadership skills, or have a desire to take on a supervisory role in the future, becoming a Talent Advisory Board captain is a perfect opportunity for you. Contact Molly Nece to discuss more at 910.962.3339.