Awakening Gatherings

Inspired by Marilyn Sheerer’s speech titled, “Awakenings” and Priya Parker’s TED Talk on “Gatherings,” enjoy 60 minutes each month of uninterrupted time to listen to UNCW leaders’ speak extemporaneously about stories or experiences surrounding a specific theme. Come with an open mind for your own “awakenings” you may have gathered from the experience.

A gathering by definition is the conscious bringing together of people for a reason — they shape the way we think, feel and make sense of our world. “To be seen for who we are and to see. The way we gather matters because how we gather is how we live.” -Priya Parker

What topics are covered?

Awakening Gatherings will cover a wide array of topics. Some of the upcoming themes include:

January:How did you start preparing to be in a leadership position before you were in one?

March:What does acting as a leader look like even if you aren’t in a leadership position yet?

April:What advice do you have for working with people in leadership positions before you are in one?

Who can attend?

Any UNCW employee interested in listening to and reflecting on the stories shared by our UNCW leaders is welcome to attend.

How do I sign up?

To see upcoming dates and register for an Awakening Gathering, visit the Dare to Learn Academy registration catalog! Awakening Gatherings can be found in the Leadership category.

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