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It isn’t until people know what makes them talented and unique that they know how to perform better in their job. Or how to find one that’s a better fit. And to build better relationships and be a better teammate. And to feel like they’re improving, every single day. Whether you’re an individual looking to improve or a leader wanting to empower your people to perform better, Employee Leadership, Learning & Engagement can help you through StrengthsFinder.

We are currently offering virtual CliftonStrengths workshops over Zoom!

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  • What is CliftonStrengths?
    The CliftonStrengths is the culmination of more than 50 years of Dr. Donald O. Clifton's lifelong work: leading millions of people around the world to discover their strengths. The simple online assessment and accompanying resources and materials are your portal to discovering your Strengths - making success in life and leadership within your grasp.
  • What CliftonStrengths workshops are available?
    We offer a variety of CliftonStrengths opportunities, including:

    Strengths for Staff - Discovery: Name it & Claim it!

    Did you know that you have natural talents that can help you perform better in your job, drive change, build better relationships, and strategically become the best version of yourself? This talent discovery workshop uses the CliftonStrengths (commonly referred to as StrengthsFinder) assessment to help you name those talents and claim them. 19 million people world-wide have already discovered their personal secret to success — isn’t it time you discover yours? 

    CLICK HERE to see available workshop dates on the Dare to Learn Academy catalog.

    Strengths for Staff - Beyond Discovery: Aim it!

    Do you know your Strengths but want to more about HOW TO USE them? This interactive workshop will introduce numerous activities and resources for you to build your talents into Strengths! Melissa Cox created this program as a next step for those of you who are familiar with CliftonStrengths (Gallup’s StrengthsFinder) or have taken a discovery workshop before but haven’t really started flexing their strengths.

    CLICK HERE to see available workshop dates on the Dare to Learn Academy catalog.

    Customized CliftonStrengths Workshops

    Invite us to your next team retreat or team building session to facilitate a customized CliftonStrengths based on the unique strengths of your team! Participants take the CliftonStrengths© assessment in advance. During the workshop, we provide facilitated discussion about its personal and organizational uses and how it can help your team take advantage of its unique strengths.

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  • How do I purchase the assessment?
    Consult with your department budget authority to determine the best way to purchase the code.

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    To purchase an individual code, follow the steps below:

    1. Visit  and create an account using your UNCW ( email address
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    3. Once you've activated your account, sign into   and shop for  CliftonStrengths for Students access codes
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  • How much does the assessment cost?
    Assessment codes are only $11.99 for anyone with a UNCW email address.

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