D2LA Campus Training Partners

Dare to Learn Academy Campus Training Partners are individuals or departments outside of Employee Leadership, Learning and Engagement that offer training opportunities to UNCW staff and faculty. Use the links below to learn more about our Campus Training Partners:

Current Campus Training Partners

Learn about current D2LA Campus Training Partners, including types of courses offered and helpful links.

Current CTPs

Become a Campus Training Partner

Do you currently offer training to UNCW staff and faculty? Are you interested in developing a program for our employees? Are you looking for a way to track registration and participation for your training? If so, visit this page to learn more about becoming a Campus Training Partner!

Become a CTP

Resources for Campus Training Partners

If you're a current Campus Training Partner, learn more about the resources and services available to you. This includes training and consulting, tutorials on using the registration system, and evaluation services!\

CTP Resources


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