212° Service Signature Program

Do you consider yourself a front line service professional? Are you looking for ways to be more intentional and engaged in your mission and vision? With your supervisor’s approval, Employee Leadership, Learning and Engagement can help! 

What is it?

This 4-part series (2 hours each) equips service professionals with tools to enhance and sustain a service of excellence mindset that everyone around them will want to adopt. 

Who should join?

If you are someone who already finds yourself directly in front of the customer--students, parents, staff, faculty, and community partners--this signature program is right for you. It is encouraged, but not required, that you invite a colleague from your department to apply as well so that they can help you implement what you learn.

Why should I apply?

Inspired by the book 212° Service, there are a lot of reasons you should apply for this program. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Make Your Culture Your Brand
  • The Power of a First Impression
  • Your Customers Must Come Second
  • Understand the How of WOW

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