About Us

About Us

The UNCW Administrative Professionals Talent Advisory Board (TAB) strives to create a culture of engagement, retention, and development for administrative professionals across campus. This is a committee supported by the HR Employee Leadership, Learning and Engagement team, developed by administrative professionals for administrative professionals.

In the past year, the TAB has implemented ‘Admingling’ lunches, provided campus-wide networking and socializing events, coordinated Community Service Leave opportunities, shared professional development conference experiences, and planned the annual UNCW Administrative Professional Summit.

The overarching goal of the Administrative Professionals TAB is to help generate recognition and value in the development of administrative professionals through the leadership of those who carry out these important administrative functions with the highest levels of experience, leadership and positive interactions.

Linda Kleckner, Mindy Phillips, Jennie Jackson, and Krystal Hutchinson
2019-2020 Administrative Professionals TAB

  • Member Testimonials

    "Before TAB, I felt a bit secluded in my position. The only other administrative professionals I knew were my immediate team members and the only struggles I knew where those pertaining to my own work. I joined [TAB] looking for a way to connect across campus and with the hopes to empower admins in their daily work, wanting to make them feel proud and enthusiastic for being a member of UNC Wonderful. Come to find out, there is a much larger group of admins who wanted the same exact things – recognition, networking, a place to be understood, and a place they had a voice that was echoed from admin to admin.

    I’ve learned skills on leading a group through encouragement, listening, understanding, implementation of ideas and follow through, but I also gained a network of people who are passionate about their career and have ambitious goals for where they want to be, who support one another and help one another whenever they can. This is just what TAB has been to me right now, but the ideas and motivation from the remaining group makes me extremely excited to see what TAB can be in the future!"

    Christie Hernandez

    "Professionally, being able to participate in TAB has been an eye-opener. Per the old saying, 'how many people does it take to change a light bulb,' I did not realize how many staff it takes to run an office/department/campus. 

    What is special about UNCW and CHHS is our community. Administrative Professionals are also a community. We’ve established an interactive community of men and women willing to serve their peers and others. 
    Personally, two words = New Friends!!"

    Linda Kleckner