Harassment Prevention

Required Harassment Prevention Training

UNCW employees are asked to complete a harassment mini-conference within the first year of employment and again every three years. This training covers broad issues of harassment prevention & resolution, as well as employee reporting responsibility under the Student Gender-Based Sexual Misconduct Policy.

New UNCW employees must complete the in-person mini-conference. Employees renewing the training have the option to complete it online (see below).

Harassment Prevention Mini-Conferences: Spring 2018

Date Time Location Registration Link:
Monday, March 12, 2018 1-3:30pm Wrightsville Beach Room 2017 Click to Register
Friday, March 16, 2018 9-11:30am Warwick Ballroom 1 Click to Register

Online Training:

To renew your harassment training requirement, you may choose to complete an online version of the training which averages one hour in length. Detailed instructions are below.

This option is not available for new employees. 

SkillPort Instructions

  1. Log into mySeaport using your e-mail username and password. NOTE: This course works best with Mozilla Firefox. 
  2. Click "SkillPort CBT" under your launchpad to launch SkillPort.
  3. Once in SkillPort, click The Library link near the top of the page.
  4. Click "UNCW Unlawful Workplace Harassment training".
  5. There are two courses available. Please choose the course that best fits your primary position--Supervisor/Manager or Faculty/Staff.
  6. Click "Launch" to start the course.
    • If you have problems accessing the course, please contact TAC at 24357.
  7. You have successfully completed the course when you score 80% or higher on the course test. Human Resources will receive a record of your course completion. Please save a copy of your completion certificate for your records. 

NOTE: The online course cannot be accessed through the Safari browser.
If you have problems accessing the course, please contact TAC at 24357

Can't remember if you completed the online training?

  1. Log into mySeaport using your e-mail username and password.
  2. Click "SkillPort CBT" under your launchpad to launch SkillPort.
  3. Click "Learning Transcript" under the Quick Links section. This will display your training history, including when you last completed the online harassment prevention training.
    • You save a copy of your certificate by clicking "Actions" and selecting "View Certificate".

Please contact Olivia Cunningham with any questions or concerns regarding your training, or to send her the most recent copy of your harassment completion certificate.