Consulting Services

What is consulting?

Your consultant is there to help you discover answers, solutions and action steps to take in order to reach a certain result. We are here to help when you don't have to have all the answers.

We offer six types of consulting:

1. Leading and Performing

We are here to serve as a sounding board and idea generator for all your poor and peak performers. All employees deserve to be encouraged and supported in their career at UNCW and beyond. Gain strategies on how to best motivate your employees, keep them engaged and excited, and successfully work with you--not just for you.

2. Team Strengthening

Discover ways to keep your employees committed to the team's mission and vision for success. Equip them with the tools necessary to help them work effectively and efficiently with all types of personalities, and to see their differences as strengths. Learn ways to mitigate conflict and provide a healthy environment where collaboration is focused on solutions and outcomes--not emotions and ego.

3. Interpersonal Skill Development

If you agree with any of the below statements, we can help you gain additional ideas, skills, and confidence to create your best work-life.

  • I don't feel productive and time is never on my side.
  • I feel overwhelmed and unorganized.
  • I can't stand my co-worker/boss.
  • I can be doing more with my talents.
  • I don't feel valued for my contributions.

4. Inclusion and Diversity

We offer three types of inclusion and diversity consulting based on your needs:

  • Laser-focused consulting: Consulting based on a situation in which you currently find yourself. Let us help you develop effective solutions and next steps pertaining to your current situation.
  • Sounding board session: Together, you and your consultant will brainstorm solutions to increase inclusion and diversity in the workplace.
  • Introspective inclusion exchange: Take a look inside yourself and assess your own perspective in order to gain a better understanding of where you have been and where you would like to go as it relates to inclusion and diversity.

5. Innovation and Process Improvement

We provide a neutral party to hear your idea and play "devil's advocate" before you put a new process into place. We can also help you develop training tools that help you best explain the changes so they are more easily understood and accepted.

6. Pitching Ideas and Sustaining Motivation

The best ideas can be thrown out the window if they are positioned or pitched improperly. Use us as a sounding board to see if we would buy into what you are pitching. We help you to make your idea "pitch perfect" and gain raving fans, as well as leadership buy-in.