Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion & Diversity Opportunities

Generational DiversityGenerational Diversity in the Workplace

Working today often means joining a team with a range of ages. Gain the tools to better manage the dynamics at play. With interactive exercises and open dialogue, what may seem daunting will become attainable.

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InclusionCreating an Inclusive Work Environment

We want to make our work environments more deliberately inclusive and diversity-conscious. Participants will establish where they currently are and use that as a foundation on which to envision inclusive growth in their departments.

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Privilege: Yours, Mine and OursPrivilege: Yours, Mine & Ours

Do you want to learn how to recognize, acknowledge, and leverage privilege to help others? Join us to create a visual picture of what privilege looks through a meaningful, interactive group discussion.

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Be an Ally to AllBe an Ally to All

Do you want to learn ways to support people who find themselves marginalized? Walk away from this session equipped with strategies to leverage all forms of privilege and to standup for the basic human rights of all mankind.

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What's Up With That"What's Up With That?" Dialogue

This program allows participants to ask a broad array of ANONYMOUS questions about diverse people and issues surrounding diversity for those times when we want to ask, "What's up with that?"

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Diversity in the ClassroomHow Diversity Shows Up in the Classroom

Work collaboratively with other faculty and the facilitator to learn to manage issues regarding diversity and inclusion in the classroom. Walk away with an “inclusion toolkit" that will unite both students and faculty.

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Voice of InclusivitityVoice of Inclusivity Certificate

Coming Spring 2018!

Check our set regularly as we update information and details about this opportunity!

More information coming soon!