kate and tricia and celebration of TeachingCelebration of Teaching

The Center for Teaching Excellence and Center for Faculty Leadership host an annual Celebration of Teaching at UNCW. During this celebration, we name of the recipients of the Discere Aude Awards. Faculty and staff have championed our motto, Discere Aude, Dare to Learn, since the founding of UNCW. In this spirit, the Discere Aude Award is given to outstanding professors who have supported students in a mentoring role.

2019 Discere Aude Award Recipients

2019 Discere Aude Award Recipients
Antje Almeida Chemistry and Biochemistry
Kate Bruce Psychology
Theodore Burgh Philosophy and Religion
Michaela Howells Anthropology
Donna King Sociology and Criminology
Douglas Kline Cameron School of Business
Len Lecci Psychology
Cameron Lee Cameron School of Business
Jimmy Reeves Chemistry and Biochemistry
Anita McDaniel Communication Studies
Debra Rhodes School of Social Work
Brad Walker Watson College of Education
Elizabeth Walters Chemistry and Biochemistry