Racial Justice Learning Community

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona: It says Racism is a Pandemic where the 'P' is red.

Mission Statement:

Our mission as the Racial Justice Learning Community as a part of the Center for Teaching Excellence is to increase awareness and knowledge about racism, institutional racism, and anti-racist action strategies related to the culture of the university. As such, we seek to increase communication across constituencies (i.e., faculty, students, staff, and administration) about how racism lives on our campus. In addition, we strive to increase faculty development efforts to create an anti-racist learning environment. We also support the increasing scholarship of teaching and learning related to creating an anti-racist learning environment. It is our mission to ensure a more diverse racially competent faculty, staff, and study body. Lastly, we want to push for specific policy and curricular changes in order for UNCW to become a recognized leader as an anti-racist campus.

Racial Justice Learning Community Series


UNCW Department of Theatre presents:

Am I Next? Voices from Wilmington, NC, directed by Robin Post

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