UNCW Undergraduate Research Scholars

If you are involved in research on campus, and are going above and beyond by serving as a research assistant, researching in the community, or even creating your own research project in your department (XXX 491-DIS, XXX 499) then you're on your way to becoming an Undergraduate Research Scholar!

  • We want to recognize undergraduate participation in research and creative work that goes above what is required for all majors.
  • Any research project takes preparation and planning before proper execution and Undergraduate Research Scholars will be engaged in that process for at least two semesters (6 or more credits).
  • After completion of the project, the Scholar must present his or her results, exhibit or performance OFF-CAMPUS. On-campus opportunities are already expected, but engaging an audience wider than our UNCW family is important to be an Undergraduate Research Scholar.
  • You, the Undergraduate Research Scholar, are in charge of making sure you meet the requirements and keep records detailing your preparation, execution of research and information related to the dissemination of the results of the project.


Has your research involvement been recognized by off campus experts?

  • Have you submitted your research to a peer reviewed journal or applied for an external grant? Have you recieved an award for your research? If yes, you may be eligible for recognition as a Distinguished Undergraduate Research Scholar.

For complete guidelines please read through this description.

(approved by the UNCW CSURF Board, April 2010)