Fellowship Recipients

Recipients of the CMS Undergraduate Research Fellowship for Spring 2011

Chemistry and Biochemistry: Hugh Rainey for the project "PAH's in the sediments of the Northeast cape fear River."

Mentor: Ralph Mead and Steve Skrabal

Geography and Geology: Kerri Allen for the project "Sedimentation Patterns in an Estuarine Marsh: Freeman Creek, NC."

Mentor: Lynn Leonard

Physics and Physical Oceanography: Iain Joseph for the project "Methods for Modeling Wave Transformation from Deep Water to Breaking Waves and the Impact on Coastal Shorelines."

Mentor: Dylan McNamara

Environmental Studies: Heather Page for the project "Effects of extracellular acidification on pH homeostasis in calcifying Schyphosphaera apsteinii.

Mentor: Alison Taylor

Biology and Marine Biology: Zachary Siders for the project "Correlation between Homarus americanus, American lobster, egg energy content and female carapace length.

Mentor: Heather Koopman

All recipients received $750 for their contribution to their research field.

Congratulations to everyone!