Steps for getting involved in UGR:

  1. Determine your area of interest
    • Keep a broad perspective when searching for research opportunities
  2. Check out the research of the faculty
    • Surf departmental web pages
    • Ask fellow students (undergraduate and graduate) who are conducting research
    • Talk to professors about their research
    • Again, keep a broad perspective when searching for research opportunities
  3. Identify potential faculty members (approx. 4 or 5)
    • Gather information about their research
    • Collect published articles by the professors
    • Make yourself visible by attending departmental events
  4. Contact the faculty members
    • Contact them through email and/or visit them to tell them that you're interested in their work and would love to be involved
    • Identify the project and demonstrate what you know on the subject
    • List relevant courses you have taken or are taking and/or training you have
    • Ask to meet again to talk more about it
  5. Follow up!
    • Passion, dependability and being personable are key
  6. Understand yours and their expectations. If you are successful in acquiring a research opportunity, discuss project details
  • How many hours per week can you work?
  • Whom will you be reporting to?
  • What will your specific duties be?
  • Is this a group project or a independent project?
  • Should I take this as a directed independent study (DIS)? If so, what do you consider "A" performance?
  • What additional literature do you recommend that I read?

Then....Present your work at a conference or even be published in an article

After your experience, encourage others to do the same and help them do what you've done

Learn first-hand from our Student Research Stories!

Formal Classes at UNCW

Departmental Honors (499)

Directed Individual Study (491 or 291)

Introduction to Research & Discovery (HON 191)

Research Opportunities off Campus

Required Research Training

Undergraduate Research Scholars

-Also, see departmental websites and offices for more information

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact CSURF (stop by the office or send us an email at CSURF@uncw.edu) for more information and application materials.