Research Story

KelsieCappetta KellyHewitt AmandaMaccreery NicoleMiller

Junior and Seniors | Exercise Science

Kelsie Cappetta, Kelly Hewitt, Amanda MacCreery, and Nicole Miller (pictured L to R) are all working on a project in Exercise Science entitled "EFFECTS OF ACUTE HYDRATION ON BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSES". The primary aim of this study was to determine the acute effects of water consumption on body composition analyses in 100 subjects. After the initial DEXA analyses, subjects ingested 16.9oz of water and then were re-analyzed via DEXA. Findings revealed that consuming 16.9oz of water prior to the DEXA analyses adds body mass and that body mass is quantified as lean mass instead of fat mass, which subsequently lead to changes in percent body fat. From a practical perspective, these data show that researchers and practitioners should instruct participants to refrain from consuming liquids prior to measuring body composition via DEXA.

The students hope to attend graduate schools in Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy. What has it meant to conduct undergraduate research at UNCW? "This experience has given me useful knowledge, but more importantly has shown me how rewarding research can be," says Kelly Hewitt. "I will definitely take what I learned from this undergraduate research experience and apply it to future research within the field of Occupational Therapy. Performing research helped me to attain an important skill-set - "asking the right questions," says Nicole Miller. "This study has opened my eyes to ask questions, then, ask even more questions," says Kelsie Cappetta. "I now understand what it's like to work with subjects in a research setting; I will definitely use this skill in graduate school," says Amanda MacCreery.


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