Research Story

PAR Students

Left to Right: Greg Casaletto, Sarah Rollens, Chris Moreland (History grad student),
Whitney Fauntleroy, Everett Fulmer, and Dr. Sam Murrell, from the Philosophy & Religion Department

Four undergraduate students from the Philosophy and Religion Department and one graduate student from the History Department at UNCW presented their work at the North Carolina Religious Studies Association meeting held at UNC-Charlotte on October 6, 2006. They were accompanied by Dr. Sam Murrell. Chris Moreland and Sarah Rollens both won student prizes at the conference.

Topics Presented:

  • Greg Casaletto: "Dante's Inferno and the Buddhist conception of hell"
  • Sarah Rollens: "Jesus as an Apocalyptic Prophet"
  • Chris Moreland: "Emperor Constantine's Conversion to Christianity"

  • Whitney Fauntleroy: "Pop Culture in American Spirituality"

  • Everett Fulmer: "How Sexy is Poverty? The Wisdom of St. Francis"

Where are they now?

- Greg Casaletto graduated in December 2006.

- Sarah Rollens graduated in December 2006.

- Chris Moreland graduated in May 2006 and is a current UNCW graduate student ('08).

- Whitney Fauntleroy graduated in December 2006.

- Everett Fulmer graduated in December 2006.