Research Story

Leslie-Ann Fronhanple

Leslie-Ann Frohnaple
Graduated May 2006 | Major: English

"As each of my parents have lived and worked in Asia for many years, I was raised with a profound respect for Asian cultures. My passion for Asian literature emerged during my sophomore year, while enrolled in Dr. Kamenish's "Japanese Literature" class. After engaging in a personal study of Confucianism, I applied and received the Michael D. Wentworth Travel Fellowship through UNCW's English department. I will travel to Beijing and Qufu to engage in an in-depth study of The Analects for two weeks, during the Spring 2006 semester. I was fortunate to travel to Shanghai (see photo at the Bund), Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Vietnam this summer. It was a marvelous educational opportunity. The immersion in Asian culture gave me the insight necessary for a deeper understanding of Chinese literature. Currently, I am engaged in an independent study with Dr. Kamenish. While my research focuses on modern Chinese literature, I am able to apply my knowledge of Confucianism to my current studies. Additionally, I plan to study abroad in Beijing through the SASASAAS (South Atlantic States Association for Asian and African Studies) program, an intense Chinese language program through Wake Forest University. I hope to use my English degree, language skills and understanding of Chinese culture to teach for several years in China. I've come to hold a strong conviction in Confucius' primary teaching: "Is it not pleasant to learn with a constant perseverance and application?" I am indebted to the English Department and University for the multitude of opportunities they have provided for my education and growth."