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Student Research Reports 2010:

Melissa Deal, Psychology: The Effects of Methadone on Olfactory Span

Sarah Edwards, Psychology:The Assessment of Motivation in Reln Deficient Mice Using a Progressive Ratio Schedule of Reinforcement

Mercedes Goetting, Nursing: Relationship between Knowledge, Attitudes and Self-Efficacy of Nursesin the Management of Pediatric Pain

Alex Kreutzberger, Chemistry: Modeling Membrane Binding Kinetics of Antimicrobial Peptides

Christopher Maier, Anthropology: Closing the Age Gap:Epiphyseal Union of Cervical Vertebra Centra as Compared to Those of Thoracic and First Two Lumbar in the Estimation of Chronological Age at Death in Teenage and Young Adult Skeletons.

Catharine Nealley, Psychology: Testing the Serial Position Effect in Rats

Zachary Siders, Biology: Correlation between female size and egg energy content in American lobsters

Samantha Welniak, Chemistry: Synthesis of Intermediates for Novel Cell- Specific DNA-damaging Agents for Cancer Therapy