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Student Research Reports 2009:

Caitlin Brooks, Education: The Effect of the Arts on Learning in the Regular Elementary Classroom

Jamie Brummitt, Philosophy & Religion: The Postponement of the Final Judgment and End of all Things: An Intermediate State of Purgation in the Three Hebrews in the Fiery Furnace Depictions

Cassandra Buchanan, Nursing: Health Care Utilization by Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Spouse/Intimate Partner Perspective

Alex Elfner, Film Studies: Church Universal and Triumphant

Megan Hardin, Nursing: Birth Experience as a Determinant of Postpartum Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Will Hite, Economics

Kaitlin Johnson, Biology/Marine Biology

Whitney Knapp, Biology/Marine Biology: Impacts of Beach Nourishment and Development on Emerita talpoida in Southeastern North Carolina

Elizabeth Saunders, Anthropology: The Impact of the Internet on Western Zen and the Exploration of a Subsequently Formed Digital Subculture

Rachel Smith, Psychology: The Effects of Gratitude on Overall Marital Happiness at the Dyadic and Individual Levels

Brooke Wyatt, Political Sciene: Unilateralism as a Foreign Policy Strategy: Its Application and Indoctrination