Poster Printing


1) Posters should be created using PowerPoint (see directions below). Files must be saved as .ppt, .pptx, or .pdf to be printed.

  • When saving your poster, please use your first name_last name as the file name so we are able to keep track of your poster in our system.
  • When creating your poster, your first priority is to set your Slide Dimensions for your poster. Printing requests will be denied until you set the desired poster dimensions. Refer HERE for more information. If you want to create a more effective poster, click HERE.

2) How long does it take to have your poster printed?

The short answer to this question is to allow as much time as possible! We print posters during our office hours (poster printing is not available over the weekends or school holidays), so please factor this into deciding when you need to submit your poster for timely printing.

  • We require that you submit your posters at least TWO weeks (10 business days) before you need them. No exceptions to this will be granted, and posters submitted after this deadline will not be printed.
  • Posters can be picked up in the Honors College office (Randall Library, 2007) once you have received an email that it has been printed.

3) Check over your poster prior to submission!

  • Please read all poster making guidelines below before starting your poster
  • PROOFREAD! PROOFREAD! PROOFREAD! The file you submit is what we will print and we are only able to print a poster ONCE
  • Check all photos and graphics for clarity (see below for instructions)
  • All posters are required to have white or very light colored backgrounds, NOT dark backgrounds.
  • Make sure your name is on your poster
  • Additional help can be found here, or contact us at csurf@uncw.edu if you have any questions!

4) Email your completed poster to csurf@uncw.edu.

****If you email your poster to CSURF as a shared file via OneDrive, we will not be able to print it. Please send the original file.****


For questions about workshops or poster making/printing in general, please email: csurf@uncw.edu