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Student Presentations 2008: Coming soon!

Elizabeth Averett, "Self-imposed ostacism: Examining the dissolution of the mother-daughter relationship"

Jaime Brummitt, "The Origins of Satan: A Historical and Textural Analysis of Satan within Select Persian, Christian and Jewish Texts"

Jordan Ferry, "HD Moviemaking: an Art Form of Advantages (and Disadvantages)"

Mallory Gleason, "Effect of Set Size on Stimulus Generalization in Rats Using an Olfactory Identity Match to Sample Procedure"

Caria Gray, "Buried Soils as Stratigraphic Marker Horizons on the Cape Fear River Floodplain, Bladen County, North Carolina"

Leah Jordan, " List linking in rats as a tool to test transitive inference"

Rigel Kishton, "Chemical Modification of Polyacrylic Acid Monolayers on Silica Nanoporous Membranes for Disease Relevant Bio-Marker Detection."

Dustin Klein, "SHAPE"

Lindsey Lawreck, "Mechanisms of Calcium Transport and Storage in Coccolithophores"

Sarah McKone, "Non-traditional Designs of Writing: Multimodality of Composing"

David Morgan, "An evaluation of otolith aging precision using electron and light microscopy"

Joshua Nielson, "Paying for Culture: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Polynesian Culture Center"

Elizabeth Toop, "Incrementing Non-Match-To-Sample (Memory Span) in Rats: Effects of Ketamine"

Candace Wellborn, "Contingency managment and motivational interviewing to reduce cigarette smoking in college smoking"

Leitha Williams, "Promoting Democracy Through Military Intervention: An Analysis of the Post World War II Era (1946-2006)"