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Student Presentations 2006:

Jennifer Lancaster, "An Investigation into the nature of Absolute Pitch"

Brian Shirey , "Diversity and Functional Variation of Denitrifying Bacterial Communities in the Cape Fear Estuary"

Charles Kelly, "Computational Modeling of DNA Binding Molecules"

Tess Young, "The Distinctiveness Effect in Children's Inferences"

Justin Speaks, "Implications of Dental Sexual Dimorphism in Chondrichthyan Fishes of North Carolina Coast"

Sarah Jenkins, "The Association of Atmospheric Chemistry with Weather Patterns in Wilmington, NC"

Amanda Grusz, "Morphological and Molecular Assessment: Pacific Costa Rican Gelidium spp. (Gelidiales, Rhodophyta)"

Ian Sheffer, "An Investigation into Morphological Variability in Watermolds"

Heather Sandala, "Self Determination: Cross Cultural Implications for Social Work"