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Student Presentations 2005:

Carol Dwan, "The effect of BZ- inverse agonist RY-10 on learning in Olfactory Apparatus"

Lacie Smith, "Synthesis of novel quorum sensing molecules"

Michael Dondarski, "Appeasement: A Political Education or a Detrimental Implication in the Post-War Era?"

Nancy Jones, "Franz Liszt's "Stunt Lacrymae Rerun": A scholarly edition"

Patricia Mason, "Predator/Prey relationship in 40 million year old fossils from South Carolina: Latitudinal variation in drilling predation"

Heather Hill, "Computational Modeling of DNA Binding Molecules"

Rebecca Hamner, "The Use of DNA Markers to identify and explore the genetic diversity of lion fishes Pterois miles and Pterois volitans"

Samuel Leger, "Market Efficiency, Housing Affordability and Real Estate "Bubble" "

Jennifer Lancaster, " Music: The voice of the people"

Kristin Krupa, "The Effects of Presenting Obsessions via Computer Based Video Programming on Task Completion of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder"

Rebecca Rab, "The growth development and influence of Protestent Evangelicalism in the predominantly Catholic community of Indian Church Village, Belize"