The annual UNCW Research and Creativity Fellowship Competition, featuring

the Paul E. Hosier Undergraduate Fellowships,

the Ann Sherman-Skiba Undergraduate Fellowships,

the Board of Visitors Undergraduate Fellowships,

the Ahuja Academy for Water Quality Fellowship,

the King Mackerel Tournament Fellowship,

Aim of the Research Fellowship Competition:

The Center for the Support of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (CSURF) invites applications for the Undergraduate Research Fellowships for the 2022-2023 academic year. The competition's aim is to stimulate original research among undergraduate students at UNCW. The competition is open to any rising junior or senior in any department and in any major who has completed at least one semester at UNCW.

In addition, the proposed project should be able to be completed by the end of the 2022-2023 academic year. Each student must have a faculty sponsor who serves as an advisor and assists in selecting a project suitable to the student's abilities and the timing of the awards. The project idea may originate with the student or advisor but must be developed to a substantial degree by the student. Course credit is required and may be arranged through a Directed Individual Study (491) or through the Honors Program (499). If the proposed research involves human or animal subjects, research approval must be obtained through appropriate ethics review procedures prior to the release of the award funds.

Award Amount:

Fellowship awards consist of a partial tuition waiver. Awards may be up to $3000. Students may apply for one or two semester awards.

Acceptance of the award (i.e., the tuition waiver) may affect other financial aid eligibility. It is the responsibility of each applicant to consult with the Office of Financial Aid in order to determine what implications, if any, a fellowship or travel award will have on their financial aid or other scholarships.

Procedure to Apply for the Competition:

Additional information and the application form can be accessed from this link

1. Proposal must be approved by both the faculty supervisor and department chair before submission to CSURF. Each department chair should review the completed application and sign the student's cover page indicating the availability of departmental resources for the project.

2. Candidates should then submit a pdf of the completed application to the Director of CSURF, Dr. Nathan Grove, at csurf@uncw.edu by Monday, May 2.  Students will subsequently be sent information to sign up  for an interview with the CSURF Faculty Research Committee.  These interviews will take place on May 11 and 12, and will be virtually conducted. Each application must include a completed cover page.

3. Interviews will last approximately 15 minutes. The Oral Presentation Guidelines give useful suggestions to help you prepare for the interviews.

4. A one-page written report summarizing the results of the project must be submitted to the Director of CSURF on or before the last day of class of the Spring 2023 semester.  Fellowship recipients must also present at either the 

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Nathan Grove (groven@uncw.edu), Director of CSURF (Center for the Support of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships).