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Jessica InglandJessica Ingland

Jessica M. Ingland

Graduated May 2007 | Major: Communication Studies

My DIS is focused on learning American Sign Language. I am trying to help motivate other people to learn sign language by offering an informal sign language class, Best Hand Forward, through the Baptist Student Union. I hope to create awareness of the deaf culture for those involved as well as help them have a link of communication with the deaf and hearing impaired. I know that the best way to bridge the gap between the hearing and the deaf is for the hearing to learn sign language so that we are able to communicate. In other areas of my DIS I amworking with my instructor, Susan Lanier, to plan activities for two courses in deaf culture so that they can help inform the community about hearing loss.

These pictures are of us practicing a song that we are learning.We are signing "PraiseYou in theStorm" by Casting Crowns in the pictures.We perform our songs at BSU and also at churches and events in the community.