HON 191: Intro to Research and Discovery!

1-credit Spring 2020 class for First and Second year students who want to learn more about doing undergraduate research or creative scholarly activity at UNCW! 

HON 191 is sponsored by the Honors College and CSURF, but open to all interested first or second year students. Students do NOT have to be enrolled in the Honors College

Course Description: Overview of research procedures in discipline areas, including literature searches and data collection. The scientific process and nature of discovery. Guidance in developing a personal plan for immersion in research and scholarship as an undergraduate. Emphasis is on applied learning and developing basic skills appropriate to the discipline.

HON 191 is a 1-hour credit class especially for first and second year students. It is designed to help you learn about opportunities in undergraduate research and creative scholarship and develop the tools you need to begin your own discovery experience! No pre-requisites required... just enthusiasm and interest in research and creative scholarship!

Three different sections are being offered in Spring 2020:

·         HON 191-001: Social Sciences, Graciela Espinosa-Hernandez (Psychology)

·         HON 191-004: Sciences, Peter Fritzler (Sciences Librarian)

·         HON 191-006: Literature, Music, and Visual Arts, Alessandro Porco (English)

HON 191-001: Social Sciences, Wednesdays, 4pm-4:50pm, TL 1007

  • Taught by Graciela Espinosa-Hernandez (Psychology)
  • This course will introduce students to the basics of research methods and methodologies used in the Social Sciences (e.g., Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science). Students will experience reading research from a variety of areas of specializations and complete Internal Review Board certifications. Students will also explore avenues in the major for potential research projects. Students will study research methodologies and topics from areas throughout the Social Sciences. Students will explore topics for their own research projects, including interviews with faculty. Students will read and write about research (Information Literacy). Students will develop an outline for a research project. Students will become certified as credible researchers (IRB).

HON 191-004: Sciences, Mondays, 12pm-12:50pm, RL 2007

  • Taught by Peter Fritzler (Sciences Librarian)
  • This class is designated as an introduction to scientific research in the university, including the goals, challenges, and benefits of academic research in the university. Students will begin to learn the skills required to define a research topic, build a knowledge base surrounding the topic, locate data sources, establish appropriate analytical methods, obtain necessary funding and training, and disseminate their results. They will also become familiar with the scientific research support structure at UNCW, including faculty laboratories, library resources, and offices that support research efforts such as CSURF, Office of Sponsored Research Programs, and Occupational Health and Safety.

HON 191-006: Literature, Music and Visual Arts, Wednesdays, 11am-11:50am, RL 2007

  • Taught by Alessandro Porco (English)
  • This course will introduce students to research methods used in the study of literature, music and the visual arts (e.g., painting, photography, and film). We will explore multiple types of research, everything from using library databases to conducting interviews, to working in archives and special collections. Students will have the opportunity to investigate potential avenues of future scholarship, including– but not limited to– The Honors Thesis project.


Please Note: HON 191 is sponsored by the Honors College, but open to all interested first or second year students. Students do NOT have to be enrolled in the Honors College.