Volume VI, 2011

Explorations Volume VI

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Biological, Earth, and Physical Sciences

Ultrasound: Autism, Agriculture and a Future Tool for Treating Neurological Diseases David Blake, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Lactate Dehydrogenase and Na+/K+ ATPase Activity in Leiostomus xanthurus (Spot) in Response to Hypoxia Betsy E. Brinson, East Carolina University

Correlation Between Flouride Ion Levels in Harnett County Drinking Water and Students' Dental Health Bethany C. Starnes, Campbell University


Humanities and Fine Arts

First Hand Accounts of December 7, 1941 in Pearl Harbor William Brown, East Carolina University

Some Things Never Change: Attitudes about the Foreign in Y tu mama tambien and Rudo y Cursi Sheila Casalett, Meredith College

The Ghosts of Aktibistas Past: A New Generation of Filipino Women's Rights Activists Faces a Daunting Legacy of Inspiration, Expectations, Stigmas & Divisions Camila Domonoske, Davidson College

Discoveries in Encaustic: A Look through History Kristen Gallagher, Meredith College

Was Heidegger a Mystic? Jeff Guilford, North Carolina State University

Sam Phillips, Elvis & Rock N' Roll: A Cultural Revolution Clifford Eugene "Trey" Mayberry, Mars Hill College

U.S. Media Objectivity and Arab Issues: A Content Analysis of Coverage of the Proposed "Ground Zero Mosque" Hannah G. Simpson, University of North Carolina at Pembroke



A Search for New Optima Singly-Even Self-Dual Codes of Length 48 Kristy Mitchell, Fayetteville State University


Social Sciences

Transitive Inference in Rats Using Odor Stimuli: Manual Versus Automated Training Procedures Mary Elizabeth Pacewicz, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Children's Support Networks after the 1999 Landslides in Teziutlan, Mexico Olivia Pettigrew, University of North Carolina Greensboro

Working Class African American Women and Heart Disease: How Communication and Community Impact Prevention Knowledge and Behaviors Ranata Reeder, North Carolina State University


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