Volume I, 2006


Art & Design:

The Pottery of Seagrove, North Carolina and its Ties to the Arts and Crafts Movement, Cynthia Pridgen, East Carolina University

Creative Writing:

Socioacupuncture in Practice: A New Look at Leslie Marmon Silko's "Gardens in the Dunes", Ellen Rainy Summer Blake, East Carolina University

Sister Abel, Robert Wells, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Victory for Whom: The Second Anglo-Boer War as a Transfer of Power from British to Boer, Rebecca Best, East Carolina University

The Secret Life of Bees: A One-Way Entitlement to Intimacy, Linda Iraggi Larsen, University of North Carolina, Asheville


On Replicator Dynamics and Evolutionary Games, Joseph Krenicky, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Natural Sciences:

Calculation of Electron Temperature and Electron Density Using Neutral Bremsstrahlung Measurement in Atmospheric Pressure Plasma, Casey Holder, et al.

Determination of Anti-Carcinogenic Propoerties of Chinese Herbs, Ryan Kelly, University of north Carolina, Asheville

Estimation and Indentification of Bacterial and Fungal Loads in the Termite Species Nasutitermes corniger Using Molecular Methods, Caitlin Mattos, et al., East Carolina University

Social Science:

"Homo" Hallways: The Prevalence of Homophobic Language in North Carolina Seconday Schools, Jana Kemp and Andrew Chan, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

AIDS in the Global Village: Orpahsn in Latin America and the Caribbean, Carina Vinzant, University of North Carolina, Charlotte