Volume III, 2008


Biological, Earth and Physical Sciences:

The Ciradian Clock Gene, mPer2, Controls Circadian Rhythm of Pain Sensitivity, Tiffany Lee, East Carolina University

The Development of a Screening Tool for a Reovirus T1L Mutant, Casey Reed, North Carolina State University

Creative Writing and Discourse:

I Can See the Sun Peeping Through the Clouds, Mary Warren, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College


To Fly Without Wings: Dispelling the Mythology of the Seabiscuit-War Admiral Match Race, Ashley Brooks, Chowan University

From Shadow-Lands to Elsewhere and Beyond: Religious Imagery and Adult Attempts to Colonize Childhood, Fran Haley, East Carolina University

Missionary Marriage and Civil War: George Kelley and Eugenia Wan in China, 1935-1950, Mark Kelley, North Carolina State University

Social Sciences and Public Health:

Assessing the International Appeal of Women's Peace Organizations in the Casamance Conflict, Senegal, Justine Davis, Elon University

Eye-Care Health Disparities: International and Rural United States Comparison, Diana Gliga, East Carolina University

Visual Arts and Design:

France Invades the 1961 White House, Christopher Early, East Carolina University

The Unplugged Office Space and the Role of Sustainable Design in Higher Education, Alicia Stewart and Krista Radspinner, East Carolina University