Volume II, 2007


Biological Science:

Curvularia, a Ubiquitous Fungus with Potential for High Pathogenicity. A Study of Various Curvularia Isolates Involving Molecular Characterization and Effects on Multiple Cultivars of Zoysiagrass, Joseph Roberts

Social Science:

Youth Homelessness: A Comparison of Communities' Efforts to Alleviate the Number of Homeless Youths in their Area, Heather Blanchard

Human Trafficking in the 21st Century: U.S. Reponse to Prevention and Treatment, Kathryn Cline

The Nexus Between International Charitable Giving and Global Stability, Cory Finneron

Examination of Sleep Patterns in a Rural Adolescent Population, Aisha Saad


A Slice of Pi, Robert Grove

Scaled Structures and Self-Similarity in the Morse-Thue Sequence, Nathaniel Vish