Departmental Honors (499): Offered in all departments and required for students to graduate with honors (6 hours over 2-3 semesters) 499 is a scholarly project in the major, directed by a faculty member in the major department, and reviewed by a faculty committee. The student must summarize the research in a formal paper and defend the project to the faculty committee. The Honors College oversees the application for departmental honors and coordinates paperwork between student, faculty, chair, dean and registrar (evaluation of hours and GPA). The Honors Scholars Program offers Departmental Honors preparation workshops each semester and the director acts as a general advisor to help direct students toward possible faculty supervisors if requested.

Directed Individual Study (491): Formal class in all departments (491) available for juniors and seniors to take to develop research, scholarship, and inquiry skills. In Chemistry, there is a 291 course so that freshmen and sophomores may also begin research. The deans oversee the application and registration process.

  • History, Psychology, Biology & Chemistry 291 - Introductory Research: Beginning research opportunities in Biology and Chemistry. See Undergraduate Course Catalog for more information about prerequisites and instructor consent.

Introduction to Research & Discovery (HON 191): Overview of research procedures in discipline areas, including literature searches and data collection. The scientific process and nature of discovery. Guidance in developing a personal plan for immersion in research and scholarship as an undergraduate. Emphasis is on applied learning and developing basic skills appropriate to the discipline. This one-credit class is designed for first and second year students. It is open to any interested student on campus- you don't have to be in the Honors College!