UNCW Undergraduate Research Scholar

Category III: Distinction

Definition. This category reflects recognition of student achievements in the form of peer-reviewed publications, funding, and awards, or an additional presentation to a broader audience than covered in Category II. The criteria are meant to limit the field of distinguished scholars to those students whose efforts have been recognized by off-campus experts in the appropriate discipline.

Implementation. Activities in this category shall be reported by students online, and then must be approved by the faculty advisor and CSURF board.

Criteria: one or more items from the following list.

  • Submittal of a publication to a professional journal or other peer-reviewed scholarly outlet. The student must be listed as an author on the paper. This category does not include online outlets such as blogs or wikis, publications in undergraduate research journals, or reviewed abstracts in conference proceedings.
  • Successful application for a grant, scholarship, or fellowship in support of research or creative activity. The award must be from a source external to UNCW in the amount of $500 or more. The student must be listed as a primary investigator or recipient.
  • Performance of a creative work or juried exhibit in an off-campus forum with significant national or international exposure. Note that this activity must be in addition to that required for Category II.
  • Receipt of an award for outstanding research or creative activity granted by an organization external to UNCW.

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