UNCW Undergraduate Research Scholar

Category II: Dissemination

Definition. This category reflects the public presentation of research results, exhibits, or performances. The criteria require students to engage an audience beyond the UNCW campus community. Undergraduate research scholars are also expected to participate in on-campus opportunities to present their work.

Implementation. Activities in this category shall be reported by students online, and then must be approved by the faculty advisor and CSURF board.

Criteria: one or more items from the following list.

  • Presentation of research results (oral presentation, paper, poster, exhibit) at a state, regional, national, or international scholarly conference. The student must be an active presenter in attendance, as well as a listed collaborator or co-author.
  • Performance or exhibit of a creative work for an off-campus audience, in a forum with significant local or regional exposure.
  • Preparation and submittal of a scholarly work (research article, monograph, project report) for publication in an outlet intended for an off-campus audience. The publication need not be peer-reviewed, but the student must be listed as the author or as a co-author.

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