UNCW Undergraduate Research Scholar

Category I: Preparation

Definition: This category reflects student activities that engage them in the process of planning, researching, and executiing a scholarly or creative work. Criteria may include curricular work beyond programmatic requirements or extracurricular activities that involve planning and executing a scholarly or creative project. The list of criteria is intended to include any activities that could serve as entry points to Category II.

Implementation. Activities in this category may be recognized by registering for any of the classes listed. Extracurricular activities may be recognized by application from the student pending approval of the academic advisor and CSURF.

Criteria: 6 credit hours (or the equivalent) from the following list.


  • XXX 491 Directed Individual Study
  • XXX 499 Honors Work in Major Department
  • Other research-oriented courses to be suggested by departments

Equivalents (credit hour value determined by academic advisor similar to DIS):

  • Serving as a research assistant on a faculty-led project.
  • Developing proposals for grants, travel awards, scholarships or fellowships.
  • Study abroad, internship, or community outreach project with a research component.
  • Other classes (not listed above) leading to participation in a research project.
  • Other collaboration with faculty on research project or creative endeavor.

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