Computer Science

Course Offerings Plan

This plan reflects practices as of February, 2011 and is not a guarantee of any course being offered in any semester. The courses listed on SeaNet for the upcoming Fall and Spring are being offered and may differ slightly from this plan as we offer more courses when feasible. Classroom and faculty availability can result in any course not being offered at any time. Any section which does not have at least 10 students enrolled at the end of the pre-registration period is likely to be cancelled; courses with a history of low demand are unlikely to be offered.

Course Fall Spring
105 Yes Yes
112: C Yes Yes
112: Other Maybe No
131 Yes Yes
133 Yes Yes
220 Yes Yes
231 Yes Yes
242 Yes Yes
255 No Maybe
275 Maybe Maybe
320 No Yes
331 Yes Yes
340 No Yes
342 Yes No
344 No Yes
360 Yes Yes
370 Yes No
380 Yes Yes
385 Yes Yes
415 Yes No
421 No Yes (alt w/430)
430 No Yes (alt w/ 421)
434 Yes Yes
437 cycle w/446 Maybe Maybe
442 No Yes (alt w/457)
446 cycle w/437 Maybe Maybe
450 Yes Yes
455 Yes Yes
457 No Yes (alt w/442)
475 Maybe Maybe