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SAT Blitz Live-Online

The SAT Blitz is an intensive test prep program that provides students with the tools they need to prepare for and ace the SAT. The SAT Blitz is offered during the academic year to prepare students to reach their chosen test dates at peak performance. These courses meet once per week, allowing time to practice new skills between sessions. Our multi-week course format allows abundant opportunities for learning and for interacting with our expert instructors. Courses are strategically scheduled during the weeks leading up to the most popular SAT dates and include 16 hours of instruction.

Course Schedule:

SAT Blitz course schedule.
Start Date
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11/02/22 11/30/22 Mon, Wed 7 - 9 PM  $349


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01/29/23 02/26/23 Sunday 1 - 5 PM $349


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02/09/23 03/07/23 Tues, Thurs 7 - 9 PM  $349


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03/05/23 04/30/23 Sunday 4 - 6 PM $349


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05/04/23 05/30/23 Tues, Thurs 7 - 9 PM  $349


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Early Registration expires 10 days prior to midnight ET of class start date.

  • SAT Blitz Overview

    The SAT Blitz includes:

    • 16 hours of expert classroom instruction
    • Course textbook: The Official SAT Study Guide from College Board
    • Real SAT practice questions and tests
    • Course workbook
    • Easy-to-follow study plan
  • SAT Blitz Subjects

    The SAT Blitz covers:

    Test Taking Strategies

    • Introduction to the current SAT
    • Question formats
    • Time management
    • Process of elimination
    • Informed guessing

    Quantitative Subjects

    • Solution strategies
    • Equations and inequalities
    • Exponents
    • Fractions, percentages, and averages
    • Rates, ratios, and proportions
    • Polynomials
    • Analytic and coordinate geometry
    • Euclidian geometry and trigonometry
    • Word problems

    Verbal Subjects

    • Punctuation and grammar
    • Writing structure and organization
    • Critical reading
    • Reading comprehension
    • Graphical interpretation
  • SAT Summer Institute

    SAT Summer Institute

    UNCW Test Prep’s Summer Institutes offer comprehensive preparation for the SAT. Our Summer Institutes are intensive test prep programs that provide students with the tools they need to prepare for and succeed on the SAT. They provide 20 hours of classroom instruction in a condensed one-week format, convenient for students seeking to develop essential test-taking tools during the summer—a time of year during which students have more free time to practice. Students receive in-depth review of the exam content, strategies for improving their scores, and a comprehensive study plan. Students have access to online office hours and practice material even after they leave the classroom, so they can maintain their skills leading up to test day.

SAT Summer Institute

Choose the Format That Works for You!

SAT Blitz classes are offered on campus at UNCW and online, giving you the option to choose the format and schedule that works best for you. Our classroom programs give you the familiar experience of working within a traditional classroom setting. Live-online classes combine the same great program as the traditional SAT prep class with the added flexibility of attending class from anywhere and at any time. Our virtual classroom provides you with the opportunity to interact in real-time with our expert instructors, and the online format includes the added benefit of watching recordings of your class sessions at your convenience for up to 30 days after the course ends.

System Requirements:

The Live-Online SAT Blitz is offered online using Adobe Connect, a free browser plug-in. The only requirements are high speed Internet access, speakers, and Adobe Flash Player, which can also be downloaded for free.

Course materials will be delivered directly to your home, or arrangements can be made for you to pick them up at our Continuing Education Office. We recommend registering at least four (4) business days in advance of the class start date to ensure timely delivery of your student package.

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Who Should Take This Course?

The SAT Blitz is ideal for students who need an intensive preparation program during the academic year. These courses meet once per week, allowing students to also focus on their school work.

Students generally take the SAT during the junior year of high school. This course is ideal for rising juniors who are taking the test for the first time, for seniors and other high school students who have already taken the exam but wish to improve their scores, and for younger students who are curious about or want early preparation for the SAT.

About Our Program:

UNCW’s Test Prep program is a partner with Educational Testing Consultants, a leader in higher education test preparation. Each year, Educational Testing Consultants helps thousands of students prepare for the important pre-college standardized tests at major colleges and universities across the United States. Educational Testing Consultants provides a proven program with a record of success and highly trained, top-quality instructors.