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Effective Communication

Effective Communication training seeks to improve performance in the workplace by fostering more adaptive communication that leads to greater trust and team-building. Prior to the training, participants take the Forté profile assessment which immediately identifies their communication preferences. The training then focuses on understanding and applying the results to the participants’ communication challenges and goals. From that basic report, we can engage in large-group sessions, team-level workshops or individual-level coaching. Each session focuses on tapping into the insights generated by the following tools:

  • The Forté Communication Style Profile
  • Forté Interaction Reports
  • Forté Team Pulse Reports

Each training can be adjusted to fit your time constraints and needs - from 90-minute lunch and learn sessions, to half-day or full-day retreats. Through these workshops, participants can explore their profile results interactively. Teams can even make Forté Training a regular part of their staff development! The insights and skills learned in this workshop are immediately applicable to any environment where communication is important.

For more information about the Forté assessment, visit The Forté Institute website.

Rick Olsen smiling

Rick Olsen, PhD

In addition to his regular responsibilities as department chair for Communication Studies at UNCW, Dr. Olsen is a highly sought after Forté facilitator and coach, as well as a popular speaker/presenter on all facets of communication.

Dr. Olsen also teaches a 4-hour workshop on Conflict Management and Negotiation in our Leadership Academy, as well as a stand-alone workshop titled, "<Why Can't We Solve That?" Communications and Enduring Problems.