Office of Continuing & Professional Education

Cultural Awareness

A diverse workforce brings different perspectives, new ideas, and creative innovation to the workplace. Employers should actively foster, encourage, and promote inclusiveness, mutual respect, acceptance and open-mindedness among their employees. Understanding our differences and knowing how to communicate effectively are key ingredients for creating a company culture of mutual respect and dignity. Our fun and interactive cultural awareness workshops help employees feel comfortable interacting with individuals different from themselves.

Popular Topics

  • Generation Diversity in the Workplace: Generations differ by the way you were raised, affecting how you view the world. This workshop aims to bind people of all ages together. “Generational socialization matters just as much as any other identity.” This is a workshop for everyone—individual or team.
  • Respect and Dignity in the Workplace: A newly developed course, this workshop looks at differences cross-culturally. It examines respect and how its ties to language differ, giving participants another lens to bring to the table. Designed for those in leadership roles, it’s aim is to stop making language a minefield and allow leaders to give it a second thought.
  • Managing Multicultural Teams: Designed for those in leadership roles, this workshop explores how you can best guide your team when culturally-based challenges occur. Don't allow the results of a lack of exposure to different cultures impair the effectiveness of your team or work environment.

    Kimberly McLaughlin-Smith smilingInstructor Kimberly McLaughlin-Smith is UNCW’s Diversity & Inclusion Learning Development Specialist, but is doing so much more. She started in 2007 as a University Consultant and, over time, her position morphed into what it is today: essentially, that is helping managers and supervisors better serve the teams they lead.

    Kimberly also provides a 4-hour diversity workshop as part of our Leadership Academy.