Office of Continuing & Professional Education

Certified Trainer Program

As is often the case, formal military-related instructor training is not easily translated or recognized by the private sector, so a university-recognized training certification program was created by the MCCSSS S-3 Academics Section and UNCW's Continuing and Professional Education office to bridge the gap between military and civilian mindsets.

The UNCW Certified Trainer Program (CTP) provides evidence of the military trainers' continued self-improvement and associated teaching and curriculum design skill development. The Certified Trainer Program is voluntary, only requiring students to participate and successfully complete the following four UNCW SFDP courses:

  • Effective Teaching Seminar (ETS)
  • Design and Delivery of Instructor-Led Training 1 (DDILT1)
  • Design and Delivery of Instructor-Led Training 2 (DDILT2)
  • Advanced Instructor Presentation & Delivery (AIPD)

Additional courses provided for military instructors include Effective Written Communication, Mentoring & Monitoring of Instructors, Evaluation of Testing, Creativity & Innovation, and Critical Thinking.