Communication Studies


photoStudents in the Department of Communication Studies are among the most active and lauded at UNCW. It's quite common for our majors to occupy elected and voluntary leadership positions, including service as student body officers or student government association legislators. Others choose to become active members of one or more of our student organizations: Communication Studies Society, Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society, Storytelling in the Community Program, and UNCW Advertising Chapter (for more information about these organizations navigate to Clubs of Interest on the left side column).

COM majors often complete the Honors Scholars Program and/or Departmental Honors Projects. They regularly graduate with academic distinction (magna cum laude, summa cum laude, cum laude).

Student, alumni, and staff recipients of campus-wide or departmental honors are as follows:

Fall 2017 Departmental Honors

Corin J. Sponsler

Academic Achievement Award

Rebecca M. Fernandez

Outstanding Leadership Award

Will A. Ryman

Undergraduate Research Award

Kathryn Holiday Tucker

Cunningham Department Exemplar

Damien A. Capps

Cunningham Department Exemplar

Robert C. Seagle

Department Service Award

Damien A. Capps

Digital Media Production Student Award

Gilbert Niez

Outstanding Performance Achievement Award

Benjamin L. Yerby

IMC Achievement Award

Rebecca M. Fernandez

Graduation Speaker
Spring 2017 Departmental Honors
Taylor A. Vaughan Academic Achievement Award

Laura J. Rojas

Outstanding Leadership Award
Nicole C. Licari Undergraduate Research Award
Mary C. Benton Cunningham Department Exemplar

Holly McGrory

Cunningham Department Exemplar

Meghan M. Black

Digital Media Production Student Award

Inga R. Delts

Outstanding Performance Achievement Award
Kyndall S. DySard IMC Achievement Award
Mandy Smith CSS Ryan Alea Young Achievement
Alexandra “Lexi” Annamaria Forrester Graduation Speaker
Fall 2016 Departmental Honors

Bethany H. Milford

Academic Achievement Award

Kirk A. Robertson

Outstanding Leadership Award
Jonathan T. Callahan Undergraduate Research Award
Jared C. Daye Department Exemplar Award

Digital Media Production Student

Digital Media Production Student Award

Marle A. Mattingly

Performance Achievement Award
Jacob D. Norris Achievements in Journalism
Bethany H. Milford Graduation Speaker
Spring 2016 Departmental Honors
Aki Suzuki Academic Achievement Award

Tabitha Barth

Outstanding Leadership Award
Meleah Lewis Undergraduate Research Award
Davey Hatcher Department Exemplar Award

Trahern MacLean

Department Service Award

Morgan Huffman

CSS Ryan Alea Young Achievement

Mikaela Fleming

Performance Achievement Award
Kristin Crawford Digital Media Production Student Award
Tess Bargebuhr Achievements in Journalism
Luke Matheney Graduation Speaker
Fall 2015 Departmental Honors

Alexandra Greene

Academic Achievement Award

Patrick Wagner

Outstanding Leadership Award
Hunter Vay Houtzer Undergraduate Research Award
Whitney Freeman Department Exemplar Award

Kaitlin Baird

Performance Achievement Award
Joseph Lowe Achievements in Journalism

Nolan Hardy

Graduation Speaker
Spring 2015 Departmental Honors

Esme Fussell

Academic Achievement Award

Laura Garmany

Outstanding Leadership Award
Olivia Sadler Undergraduate Research Award
Tiffany Capps Department Exemplar Award

Amy Jackson

CSS Ryan Alea Young Achievement

Blake Cissel

Outstanding Performance Achievement Award
Trahern MacLean Digital Media Production Student of the Year Award
Kaitlyn Russell Achievements in Journalism
Trahern MacLean Graduation Speaker
Fall 2014 Departmental Honors

Jenna Drescher

Academic Achievement Award

Karina Villalobos

Outstanding Leadership Award
Lauryn Justice Undergraduate Research Award
Bobby Huckabee Department Exemplar Award
Summer Saunders Performance Studies Achievement Award

Summer Saunders

Graduation Speaker
Spring 2014 Departmental Honors

Autumn Brown

Academic Achievement Award

Casey Milliken

Undergraduate Research Award

Heidi Stecher

Core Skills Award

Patrick McCarthy

Distinguished Alumnus
Jessica Coleman CSS Ryan Alea Young Achievement

Logan Cobb

Studio Video Production Student of the Year

Connor Buss

Field Video Production Student of the Year

Hannah Brewer

Performance and Community Engagement Award
Fall 2013 Departmental Honors

Erin Churchill

Academic Achievement Award

Chad Darrah

Core Skills Award
Cortney Aherron Outstanding Leadership Award
Lauren Busch Undergraduate Research Award
Chelsea Gloria Storyteller's Achievement Award
Spring 2013 Departmental Honors

Trevor Bray

Academic Achievement Award

Matthew Heiniger

Academic Achievement Award
Julianna Andrews CSS Ryan Alea Young Achievement
Lauren Habig Department Exemplar
David P. Cordle Department Service Award
Joy Ellis Outstanding Leadership Award
Ryan Kramer, Alexandra Nevill, Elaine Petitgout, Alyssa Portera & Andrew Wahlund Performance and Community Engagement
Kelsey Barbour Perseverance Award
Alexandra Huss Undergraduate Research Award
Carly Tanner Field Video Production of the Year
Anthony Hughes Studio Video Production of the Year
Fall 2012 Departmental Honors

Sarah Sinese

Academic Achievement Award

Katharine Fiorentino

Academic Achievement Award
Susan Claire Outlaw Outstanding Leadership Award
Caroline Merrill Undergraduate Research Award
Hannah Miller Undergraduate Research Award
Stacey Pinno Video Student of the Year
Spring 2012 Departmental Honors

Tara Hardy

Academic Achievement Award

Teal TV

Departmental Service Award
Justin Queen Distinguished Alumnus
Micaela Fouhy Outstanding Leadership Award
Max Lit Undergraduate Research Award
Nate Galluppi Video Student of the Year
Fall 2011 Departmental Honors

Lisa Huynh

Academic Achievement Award

Catherine Gray

Departmental Service Award
Allison Day Outstanding Leadership Award
Mary Katherine Magnuson Perseverance Award
Lisa Huynh Undergraduate Research Award
2010-2011 Departmental Honors

William Alex Moore, Kelsey Myers, Brittany Mossop

Academic Achievement Award

Jerry Bagnell

Departmental Service Award

Matt Zeher

Departmental Service Award
Joy Davis Distinguished Alumnus
Nishtha Sharma, Rachel Kaylor Outstanding Leadership Award
Lam Trong Tran Perseverance Award
Anna Kate Babnik Undergraduate Research Award
Andy Siravanta Video Student of the Year
2009-2011 Departmental Honors

Rachel Kaylor

Academic Achievement Award

Lisa Williams

Departmental Service Award

Robb Mann

Departmental Service Award
Allyson Corbin Outstanding Leadership Award
Jessica Patterson Perseverance Award
2008-2009 Departmental Honors

Amanda Frasca

Academic Achievement Award
Jonathan Guggenheim Distinguished Alumnus
Chip Bobbert & Dustin Miller (UNCW-TV) Outstanding Professional Service
Joe Browning, Sports Information UNCW Outstanding Internship Director
Beth Averett Tunstall Undergraduate Research Award
2007-2008 Departmental Honors

Amanda Cloninger

Academic Achievement Award

Amanda Frasca

Communication Studies Society Achievement Award
James Fulcher Distinguished Alumnus
Chris Carlton Outstanding Leadership Award
Dana Wardt (ITSD) Outstanding Professional Service
Blair Fetner Outstanding Student of the Year: Storytelling in the Community
Lanira Murphy Perseverance Award
2006-2007 Departmental Honors
Thomas Miers Academic Achievement Award
Steven Nelson & Chris Reavis Alumni Service
Hayley Lovitt Communication Studies Society Achievement Award
Kiara Jones Distinguished Alumnus
Ashleigh DiPaulo Outstanding Leadership Award
Debbie Whiting & Hayley Lovitt (COM Studies) Outstanding Professional Service
Linda Adkins (College of Arts & Sciences) Outstanding Professional Service
Paula Greene (Registrar) Outstanding Professional Service
Trina Mintern Outstanding Student of the Year: Storytelling in the Community
Megan Cross Perseverance Award
2005-2006 Departmental Honors
Heart Song Fowler Foxworth Academic Achievement Award
Shane Fernando Outstanding Alumnus
Mimi Cunningham (UNCW University Relations) Outstanding Internship Supervisor
Aaron Whitesell Outstanding Leadership Award

Dr. Randy Bobbitt, Faculty Advisor

Public Relations Student Network (PRSN)

Outstanding Professional Service

David Bollinger, Faculty Advisor

Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society (LPH)

Outstanding Professional Service

Jennifer Chin, Faculty Advisor

Communication Studies Society (CSS)

Outstanding Professional Service

Dr. Hana Noor Al-Deen, Faculty Advisor

UNCW Advertising Chapter (UAC)

Outstanding Professional Service

Richard Pezzuolo, Faculty Advisor

Student Body Television (SBTV)

Outstanding Professional Service

Dr. Carole Tallant, Drirector

Storytelling in the Community

Outstanding Professional Service
2004-2005 Departmental Honors
Molly Seidler Academic Achievement Award
Shana Dellinger MacEwan Outstanding Alumnus
Missy Andrus (NextMedia Group Wilmington) Outstanding Internship Supervisor
Megan Coffren Outstanding Leadership Award

Linda Peay & Susan Lanier (COM Studies)

Outstanding Professional Service

Molly Seidler

Communication Studies Outstanding Achievement Award

Erin Bidwell

UNCW Advertising Chapter Leadership Award

Colleen Screen

UNCW Advertising Chapter Newsletter Editor Award

Malia Collins, Robin King, Cari Rafal and Christie Rhodes

UNCW Advertising Chapter Service Appreciation Awards

Jensen Adams

Cornerstone Pandion Society Woman of the Year
Matthew Cox Cornerstone Linda Moore Award

Rhonda Aldridge, Megan Coffren, Matthew Cox, Emmy de Visser, Kacey Gaumer and Dayna Hairston

Cornerstone Distinguished Service Awards

Jensen Adams, Keturi Delong & Jessica Jones

Cornerstone Senior Medallion Awards
Mark Esposito, Larry Pakowski, Laura Smith and Jennifer Vieira Cornerstone Leadership Excellence Awards
Megan Coffren UNCW Outstanding Student Organization Leader