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Josh Kinchen

 Josh Kinchen

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Josh Kinchen

Graduation Date: May 2012
Position Title:

Associate Director for LGBTQ+ Resources


George Mason University

Current Location: Fairfax, VA

What was your favorite class in the COM Department? Why?

Business and Professional Communication. While I truly enjoyed every one of my COM classes, as a student affairs professional, I do presentations on a constant basis. Whether it is part of a workshop series, at conferences, or in classrooms, learning how to give presentations more professionally has really set me apart from my peers and helps me every day. Remember everyone, whatever you do, don't look at the projection screen!

What organizations/groups were you involved in while you were a student?

  • Student Government Association
  • Tau Sigma
  • Transfer Student Organization
  • Lambda Pi Eta
  • One in Four

How are you using specific skills/concepts from you COM degree in your life personally and/or professionally?

I use the skills I honed in my COM degree every single day as a student affairs professional. As part of my role(s) in my career, I present to small and large groups of people on a regular basis, which Business and Professional Communication with Mr. Bollinger and Speech Writing with Dr. Brubaker certainly laid the groundwork for. I read, interpret, and sometimes engage in research, so Research Methods with Dr. Olsen and Applied Quantitative Methods with Dr. McDaniel helped introduce me to the foundations of understanding these concepts. In my independent study about Men and Masculinities and presentation at a national conference with Dr. Roberts prepared me for graduate studies; along with internships with the LGBTQIA Resource Office, prepared me for a career working with LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff.

What are your proudest accomplishments since graduating from UNCW?

My proudest accomplishment since graduating from UNCW twice, has been being published in the Journal of Veterans Studies in 2018 about my thesis research, titled Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Service Members Experiences as Undergraduates: a Qualitative Case Study. Subsequently, I was accepted to present this research at ACPA, which is a national conference for student affairs professionals.

Communication is. . .

...the art and science of effectively interacting and engaging.

What advice would you give current COM majors?

Verbal and written communication is the number one skill asked for by employers for a reason! Don't let anyone make you feel like COM is anything less than learning, honing, and mastering essential skills that most people in the professional workplace could use far more of!

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