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Jerry Brewer

Tom Gale and donation to the COM Department
  Lieutenant Jerry Brewer (left)


Jerry Brewer

Graduation Date: December 1999
Position Title: Lieutenant -Public Information Officer
Company: New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office
Current Location: Wilmington, NC

What was your favorite class in the COM Department? Why?
It’s difficult to narrow down a favorite class in the Communication Studies Department because I had favorite classes and favorite professors.  My favorite class was “Crisis Communications” with Professor Church.  I utilize a great deal of information learned from his teachings and experiences.  My favorite professor is a tie between Dr. Bolduc and Professor Trimble.  I utilize skills I learned from Dr. Bolduc in video productions and on-camera techniques from Professor Trimble.

What organizations/groups were you involved in while you were a student?
While at UNCW I was a DJ for the radio station and participated in video productions for the basketball team.  I worked full time and raced amateur motocross across the East Coast. 

Did you complete a departmental internship? If so, please list your internship agency.
I completed an internship working as a PA with UNCW-TV.

How are you using the skills/concepts learned from your COM degree in your life?
What I really learned at UNCW was how to truly communicate with people. My working relationship with the media and my senior staff is crucial to my success.  I employ skills and concepts I learned in the Communication Studies Department in every aspect of my job, from producing accurate information with the local media outlets, TV interviews, to advising senior staff members how we should respond to crisis situations.

What are your proudest accomplishments since graduating from UNCW?
My proudest accomplishment by far is my family.  I have been honored to speak at different PIO training sessions, and survived many trials and tribulations that come from working in law enforcement.  I have risen through the ranks of my organization due to hard work and dedication.  But the best thing I have ever accomplished is being a great husband and father. 

Communication is. . . LIFE! Without good communication nothing will succeed in life whether professional or at home, communication is crucial.

What advice would you give current COM majors?
Work hard and be yourself!  It takes time and dedication to achieve your goals. If it was easy everyone would be successful.  Utilize what you have learned at UNCW to propel yourself for whatever you want because you have the communication skills!

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