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Daniel Faill

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Daniel Faill

Graduation Date: May 2002
Position Title:

Assistant Director, Student Leadership & Development

Company: Loyola Marymount University
Current Location: Los Angeles, CA
What was your favorite class in the COM Dept? Why?

Hands down I loved Dr. Carole Tallant's Storytelling in the Community - so much so I took it three times! Learning the art of storytelling, interpreting simple text and crafting a story to perform for elementary school classes was so rewarding, especially when interacting with kids. Although the most challenging class was Dr. Tammy Bulger's Discipline Capstone at 8am because it forced you to tell a collective story of your journey in COM Studies - something I'm finding extremely useful now in the age of assessment.

What organizations/groups were you involved in white you were a student?

While at UNCW I was a founding member of Theta Chi Fraternity, serving as president and in a plethora of other roles within the fraternity. In addition I was president of Order of Omega, the leadership and academic honor society for fraternity/sorority members and served as vice president of the Interfraternity Council. I also served as an Orientation Leader, worked in the Seahawk Perch and as Senior Class Representative for SGA.

Did you complete a departmental internship? If so, please list your internship agency.

One of the regrets I have from the COM Department was not taking advantage of the countless internship opportunities.

How are you using the skills/concepts, learned from your COM degree, in your life?

Each and every day I use the skills from my time in the COM Dept. I currently advise all of the fraternity/sorority members at LMU - being approachable, able to hold your own in meetings, and facilitating group discussions is key to my day-to-day life. On average, I have 3-10 meetings a day; interacting in small groups and committees or advising others is a daily occurrence. Further, in this day and age, telling your story efficiently and effectively is critical. Being able to craft your story and let others know, either through visual, verbal or non-verbal mediums is in every facet of 'the real world'. COM helped me hone my skills and set me up for success in any situation.

What advice would you give current COM majors?

For those COM majors out there, this is for you: Be aware of social media and the role it plays in your personal and professional life. Sure it may be fun to post pictures from whatever you did last weekend, but that's out there, for everyone to see (even employers). I often Facebook stalk to view profile pictures of candidates I interview - if the integrity of pictures is called into question, so is their legitimacy as a candidate. Welcome to the harsh reality. Also, don't let social media run your life - when you get that job, make friends with as many colleagues as you can (especially those front desk/receptionist/facilities workers). Everyone is important, so greet them with a warm smile and a sincere "how are you?" - it makes the day so much better.

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