Communication Studies

How You Can Help UNCW Communication Studies Majors

Here is your chance to help out our COM students, perhaps in the same way that someone once inspired you!

Continue to keep in touch. There are several easy ways to do this. Visit our website regularly for updates so you can keep informed on what we're doing and how you can help. Consider joining the UNCW Communication Studies LinkedIn and Facebook groups. Work with the UNCW alumni office to keep email and other contact information current. Continue to drop us an email now and then—it is both fulfilling and helpful for us to know where you land and what you are doing. If you’re interested in keeping up with us, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @uncwcom.

Invest in our future majors. We hope you have found your time here a good investment. We hope you still consider us a good investment and might someday consider contributing monetarily or with other gifts to help meet the ongoing needs of our program. There are many needs as our program continues to grow. As more of our students consider graduate school there are greater needs to help with research and conferences. As we look to carry out more applied learning opportunities there are growing needs for supplies related to those endeavors. You can read some of the stories here:

Stay involved. COM Studies Day is just one of many ways COM alum can help keep us strong and make our program even better.  We don’t just need recent graduates to dig in and help, we need folks who have been out in the marketplace building careers for a long time and engaged in everything from graduate school to home-based businesses and all points in between.  Alum who can come back and guest lecture, offer to be an internship supervisor, comment on class blogs, be available for mock interviews—or real ones, can greatly enrich our program in ways that we as faculty simply cannot do.  You can even share your story with our “Alumni Spotlight” on our website and be famous and part of future COM 200 exams! 

Thank you in advance for considering these opportunities.

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