Communication Studies

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Advising sessions for pre-registration are generally as follows.

  • Spring pre-registration: late October
  • Summer and Fall pre-registration: end of March - early April

Students will be notified by e-mail with the exact dates of pre-registration. Materials for their advising session will be provided in that e-mail. Advisors will post sign-up sheets with slots for open advising sessions two weeks prior to pre-registration. Students will be required to sign up for an advising time with their assigned advisor. Students will also be required to bring a printed out copy of their degree audit. The degree audit will tell you who your advisor is in case you do not know.

Please follow these directions to retrieve your degree audit;

For students who started taking UNCW courses before Fall 2016:

  1. Go to SeaNet
  2. Secure Log-In > Student Services > Student Records > Submit Audit
  3. Run Audit > View Submitted Audits
  4. Choose Most Recent Audit
  5. Choose Printer Friendly Audit under GPA graph
  6. Print the PRINTER FRIENDLY version of your audit

For students who started taking UNCW courses in Fall 2016 or later

  1. Go to SeaNet
  2. Secure Log-In > Student Services > Student Records > Degree Audit > Submit Audit
  3. Your audit will appear
  4. To print, click Save as PDF
  5. Click printer icon to print

General Questions You'll be Asked at Each Session

  1. When are you planning to graduate? (Have you filled out an application?)
  2. Do you have a sense of what you want to do next after graduation?
  3. Do the courses you plan to take this semester and future semesters address your personal (who do I want to be) and professional (what do I want to do) goals?
  4. What else are you involved in to make your college experience all it can be at UNCW?

Topics You May Want to Ask Your Advisor About

  1. Internships
  2. International/Study Abroad Experiences
  3. Clubs and Organizations
  4. Minors that fit well with COM
  5. Directed Individual Studies
  6. Honors work in COM
  7. Graduate School
  8. Plans for after graduation