Communication Studies


Advising sessions are an opportunity for students to be proactive in raising the key issues related to their progress toward graduation and their preparation for what their next step(s) might be. Since a student's situation and questions may be unique, their advisor does not necessarily know which specific issues they may need to address. Navigate through our Advising section based on your needs and keep a record of what you would like to discuss with your advisor. Don't forget to check out the Helpful Links tab which is loaded with information essential to your progress in the Communication Studies program.

  • If you are not currently a Communication or Pre-Communication Studies Major please click the following link and look over the information provided before seeking further guidance: Becoming a Communication Studies Major
  • If you would like to change your major you must follow the steps described in the following link: How to Change My Major

NOTICE: If you plan on taking Summer classes at another institution/university please take a moment to read this important document to ensure your credits will transfer. Check out our Helpful Links section to find this document and even more materials so you can be prepared for your advising session!