Communication Studies

COM Undergraduate Catalogue

A student may apply to the Communication Studies program and become a Pre-Communication Studies (PCOM) major after earning a minimum 24 semester credit hours and a grade of "B" or above in COM 105: Introduction to Communication Studies. A PCOM major becomes a Communication Studies (COM) major by earning a grade of "B" or above in COM 200: Research Methods. All UNCW continuing and transfer students are subject to this gateway at the time of application. More information about the PCOM Gateway can be found by revisiting our Undergraduate Program page, left side menu, or by clicking the following link: Undergraduate Program.

As you review the B.A. Requirements in the Undergraduate Catalogue, keep in mind flexibility is the key to a communication studies degree at UNCW. The major is designed to afford each student the opportunity to create a program of study around a core of required courses.

Please use the Course Description portion of the catalogue to review course descriptions. This resource is not an accurate list of courses being offered each semester. To see which courses will be offered in a given semester, consult "search for courses" on SeaNet.

The following links may be helpful in planning your course schedule.