Communication Studies

Special Topics Fall 2015

COM 295-001 Social Media in the Classroom
Day/Time: TR 12:30-1:45 PM
Instructor: Dr. Hana Noor Al-Deen
Course Description:

This course provides students with the essential knowledge and opportunity of how to transform their personal experience of social media into a professional level of using such media as a component of advertising and public relations practices. This process is achieved through a theoretical foundation of social media, critical analysis of social media, and hands-on application of social media.

The objectives of this course can be summarized as follows:

  • Developing skills of real-life situations or simulation of using social media for advertising or public relations in order to empower students to succeed in the job market.
  • Learning to analyze critically social media used by businesses for advertising or public relations.
  • Learning fundamental principles, generalizations, and theories about social media.
  • Learning about social media policies, codes of ethics, and best practices for business organizations.

COM 495-001 Community and Interracial Dialogue
Day/Time: TR 12:30 - 1:45 PM
Instructor: Dr. Deborah Brunson

Course Description:

"Community and Interracial Dialogue" will offer participants an extended, deliberate examination of theoretical concepts and perspectives of intergroup dialogue. We will explore how these concepts and perspectives may be applied to promote stronger interracial relationships in a group or organizational setting through facilitated, structured experiences. The course will culminate in student teams facilitating an intergroup dialogue experience for an organization or group around issues involving race and interracial relationships.

Special Topics Summer 2015

COM 495-001 Electronic Media Aesthetics & Prog
Day/Time: MTWR 12:30 - 2:35 PM
Instructor: Dr. Bill Bolduc

Course Description:

Electronic Media Aesthetics & Programming. A survey of the history, aesthetics, businesses, production techniques and process of modern electronic media industries. Course will focus on radio, television, cable, satellite and the Internet and revenant processes such as programming, advertising, audience analysis and regulation will be covered. Special features include viewing and analysis of historic radio and TV programming, analysis current media programing and industry guest speakers. Course is a lower-level elective.

COM 495-001 Media, Identity & Difference
Day/Time: MTWR 10:15 AM - 12:20 AM
Instructor: Dr. Chadwick Roberts

Course Description:

Coming soon!

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