Communication Studies

Special Topics Summer 2018

COM 295-001, COM 495-001 Thriving Local Video Production
Day/Time: M-R 10:15 - 12:20
Instructor: Dr. Bill Bolduc

Course Description: Teams of experienced and novice video producers will work closely with local environmental organizations and entertainment venues to create informational and promotional videos using COM Studies video assets and Adobe Premiere editing software. Interested students should email Dr. Bolduc ( with a statement of interest and brief description of production, environmental or entertainment background. Experienced students enroll in COM 495, novices in COM 295. 

Summer 2018 clients: UNCW Sustainability Office, City of Wilmington Stormwater Services, Greenfield Lake Amphitheater

Special Topics Fall 2018

COM 295-001
Day/Time: TR 9:30 - 10:45
Instructor: Dr. Bill Bolduc

Course Description: Introduction to digital editing aesthetics, technology and technique including Adobe Premiere (video), After Effects (motion graphics) and Audition (audio). Intended for students with little or no editing experience. Co-requisite or pre-requisite COM 280, Pre-COM status.

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