Communication Studies


Alumni Video - Importance of Internships

Through enrollment in COM 498 Internship in Communication Studies Communication Studies majors may earn a total of 12 semester credit hours. Credit hours are earned in 3 or 6 hour increments and are restricted to the following stipulations.

  • 3 hours will count toward "required elective" upper-level (300-400 level) course work for the Communication Studies Degree.
  • 9 hours will count as general electives toward graduation.
  • A maximum of 6 credit hours may be earned during a Fall or Spring semester or a Full Summer term.
  • A maximum of 3 credit hours may be earned during a single Summer term.

Do I Qualify for an Internship in Communication Studies?

To qualify for an internship at a minimum, a student must be a full COM major of junior or senior status (at least 60 semester hours completed) with a minimum overall GPA of 2.5. Once an application is submitted and reviewed by the faculty supervisor the student is notified of eligibility. When reviewing the application the faculty supervisor will be looking at coursework in the students discipline area that supports the desired internship. S/he must then pass through the second phase of the selection process involving interviews with the department's faculty internship director and agency supervisors. The application is available below, please complete and submit the electronic form. The following links are to important forms and instructions including the internship application:

My advice to future interns would be to do your research. This includes researching which organization you want to intern at, finding out what exactly you will be doing as an intern, knowing what is expected of you while completing an internship, and what potential assignments you will be working on. You will get more out of the experience if you are well prepared and have chosen the right agency. Also, doing research is a valuable and necessary skill at most of the intern positions offered through the Communication Studies department.
~Spring 2012 Intern


Where Can I Intern?

Students may intern at numerous and varied organizations representing all of the subject areas taught in the department. For example, approved internship agencies include radio and TV stations, public relations firms, Fortune 500 corporations, speech pathology/audiology rehabilitation centers, government and civic institutions, entertainment production companies, and a myriad of others. Qualified students may also initiate the approval process for a new agency, for example an organization in their home town should they seek a summer internship outside of Wilmington.

While most agencies are located in the vicinity of Wilmington, students have completed internships at sites including CMT/MTV Networks (Nashville, TN), Comcast Entertainment Group (L.A., CA), VH1 (New York City, NY), WESH-TV an NBC affiliate (Orlando, FL) and Carolina Medical Center (Charlotte, NC).

Students may not convert existing not-for-credit internships, volunteer activities, jobs, etc. into a for-credit internship. There are experiences you are learning from or have learned from. A for-credit internship is a new opportunity to connect your coursework with in-field activities.

My advice to any COM student is to start completing internships during your junior year. I hate that I waited until my last semester to do my internship. I would have loved to complete multiple internships to gain more experience!
~Spring 2012 Intern

How Will I Be Graded?

To complete a 3 credit hour internship, a student must:

  • Log at least 126 hours with the sponsoring agency (252 hours for 6 credit hours)
  • Write several response/reflection papers
  • Keep a detailed time log
  • Complete a final research/response paper
  • Participate in discussions/journal reviews. These projects focus on their experiences, address challenges and chart a course for the remainder of their time with sponsoring agencies.

Student interns are encouraged to collect completed products as materials for their portfolios to be created in their COM 400 Discipline Capstone course. A student intern's performance is evaluated by both the agency supervisor and faculty internship director. In accordance with university guidelines, internships are graded PASS/FAIL.

For additional information concerning the Department of Communication Studies internship program, contact the internship director Tammy Bulger at (910) 962-7144.